Video Evidence of Arsenal’s new signing: Wellington da Silva

Arsenal have a signed 16-year-old Brazilian striker Wellington Silva from Fluminense for a fee of £3.5 million.

The Brazil Under-17 forward spent a trial period at Arsenal in December 2008 and has been scouted by the Gunners ever since. Durig that seven day trial Wellibgton played 45 minutes for the Under-16’s against Norwich and he made an emphatic impression, scoring 4 goals.

Rodrigo Pitta, Silva’s representative, is quoted in the Brazilian press today, saying: “We completed the transaction last week, the player is already Arsenal’s and Fluminense have already received some money.”

Wellington Silva will not be available to Arsene Wenger until January 2011, the Gunners have paid 65% of the transfer fee and the rest will be transferred to Fluminense on his arrival at the Emirates.

Video evidence of Wellington da Silva can be seen here.