Video Evidence: Did West Ham fans go too far in their taunts of Chelsea’s Terry & Lampard?

“Personally I think they cross the line with the level of abuse… I can take it, Lamps can take it. It’s a little bit more than that but I’m not going to give them a chance to say I’m whingeing… As a player coming here, knowing you are going to get stick, I swear me and Lamps are so fired up before the game and determined.” – John Terry.

Following Chelsea’s victory at Upton Park last weekend, Blues’ captain John Terry criticised sections of West Ham fans for going too far with their verbal abuse aimed towards him and teammate Frank Lampard.

Picking up on the news swirling around the tabloids, John Terry was subjected to taunts the his mother is a shop-lifter, while following Frank Lampard’s now infamous outburst on live radio last week, the home crowd needled their former player with chants labelling Lampard as a bad father.

Fair comment or unfair abuse?

The Frank Lampard chant can be seen here, and the John Terry chant can be seen here.