Video evidence: Arsene Wenger shakes Phil Brown’s hand

When is a handshake not a handshake?

Of the many accusations and counter-accusations made in the last 24 hours since Arsenal knocked Hull out the FA Cup, we are happy to bring a slight bit of clarity to one of Phil Brown’s charges on his long, long list.

Phil Brown claimed that Arsene Wenger always refuses to shake his hand, in a very personal attack looking to slur the Frenchman’s reputation.

Phil Brown’s very clear comments from his post match news conference can be seen here.

While we are not suggestion that there isn’t any partial truth to the claim, we can always bring you video evidence showing the feuding managers clearly shaking hands after their meeting at the KC Stadium earlier this season.

See for yourselves here.

So that’s one down, ninety-nine to go.


Phil Brown appears to be angering quite a lot of the blog community, the always brilliant Arseblog (who are responsible for the video above) today describe him as “A man forged by the unholy union between Bolton and Sam Allardyce, squeezed into the world through the septic anus of Satan himself, he out-twatted a million bluetooth headset wearers after last night’s game.”