VIDEO: ESPN Stateside try commentating on Danny Rose’s goal (Totteham-Arsenal)

It was so good that even American ESPN’s Around the Horn show gave a few minutes to it.

Danny Rose’s wonder-strike for Tottenham against Arsenal in the north London derby has been so viral that even the US ESPN, a network who rarely give up much time for soccer-ball, dedicated a few minutes to discussing it this week.

Admitting how little they know about the sport from the start, they asked to “Juice it JD!” before the footage of Rose’s thunderbolt was replayed with Andy Gray’s Sky TV commentary. After hearing the Scot working his lyrical magic, the ESPN in-house team tried their luck on the mic.

Woody Paige conjured up the brilliant moniker “Broadway Danny Rose” while J.A Adande was weaker with his stereotypical and lame British accent.

ESPN’s rehash of Danny Rose’s goal for Spurs against the Gunners can be seen here.


A video of Heurelho Gomes’ incredible three saves from the north London derby has come through on YouTube and can be seen here.