Video emerges of Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan making a prank call in a hotel

The video below is unlikely to further endear you to Swansea ball boy Charlie Morgan but there is little doubt that the 17-year-old remains front and centre in today’s football news.

As the wind of opinion begins to back up Chelsea playmaker Eden Hazard, this looks like another video to show Charlie Morgan in a bad light.

Ultimately it appears Morgan has previous for winding people up, despite the fact the prank call below, originally sourced by the Daily Mail, falls a long way short of the Bart Simpson vintage.

Ironically, Morgan’s wealthy father owns a string of hotels, including Morgans – which is reportedly one of the finest in Wales.

This prank call was filmed in the past year, when the ball boy was 16. Whether Charlie Morgan was making this prank call at one of his father’s hotels is unclear…