(Video) Carl Jenkinson challenges Lee Dixon for the greatest Arsenal own goal ever

As own goals go, there will unlikely to be many better than Carl Jenkinson’s all season.

Arsenal beat Bundesliga outfit Cologne 2-1 on Saturday, but the Gunners were forced to see out a tense second half after their new right-back signing scored one of the great Arsenal own goals of all time.

Jenkinson, bought from Charlton in June, managed to majestically screw up intercepting a ball over the top with a brilliantly bad howler. The defender ballsed-up a straight-forward clearance as he punted an almost-impossible shot over the head of Wojciech Szczssny and into the net.

But was Jenkinson’s the worst Arsenal og ever?

The benchmark for awful Arsenal FAILS was set way back in 1991 by arguably the club’s greatest ever right back Lee Dixon. (The BBC pundit recently made a “Dream Team Arsenal XI” compiled by the Premier League club’s website.)

Playing in a league match against Coventry, the legendary Gunners number two scored an unforgettable lob past David Seaman in the opening seconds of the match.

Carl Jenkinson’s own goal can be seen here, while Lee Dixon’s historic hiccup can be seen here.


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