VIDEO: Arsenal target Marouane Chamakh (Bordeaux) slaps Dekil Keinan (Maccabi Haifa)

French champions Bordeaux were lucky to beat Israeli outfit Maccabi Haifa in the Champions League on Wednesday night, and they were even luckier to not have Marouane Chamakh sent off for a slap on Haifa defender Dekil Keinan after 20 minutes.

How referee Eric Braamhaar failed to produce a card against the reported Arsenal-target is shocking.

With the ball hurled into the box, Chamakh was found hovering around the penalty spot with Keinan in close proximity for company. The cross sailed over the bar, but that was only the sideshow as Chamakh and Keinan appeared to bump into each other before the forward raised his hands and pushed the Israeli to the turf.

The referee, who was only yards away from the incident and with perfect sight of the whole coming together, failed to do anything.

Marouane Chamakh’s sending off offence on Dekil Keinan can be seen here.