VIDEO: “Arsenal need a goalscorer. Someone along the lines of Villa or Fabiano. There is too much onus on Van Persie” – Trevor Francis

Middle Eastern TV viewers received an insightful and provocative debate during halftime of the Arsenal-Olympiakos Champions League match on Tuesday night, as host Gary Lineker and his cohorts Graeme Souness, Terry Venables and Trevor Francis debated the Gunners inability to have gone in to the interval in the lead.

Francis was the first to shoot his mouth off, arguing that Arsenal still lack a natural goalscorer in their squad, although acknowledging Eduardo da Silva was sitting on the bench. Venables was next to spout his off-the-cuff nonsense, claiming that Arsenal need to practice “hitting that ball from 18-yards from a cutback with much more venom.” Souness completed the first round of opinions by chirping up with the standard criticism of the North Londoners, that they always try and net the “perfect goal.”

As the conversation wore on, fiery Scot Souness appeared to get more agitated with Arsenal’s failure to score barking “they haven’t got someone how can poach a goal, have they?” Both Lineker and Venables trumpeted Eduardo as that figure, only for the brazen Scot to counter with the fact that “Vermaelen is their top goalscorer this season. I think that says a lot.”

Francis tried to spice up the conversation saying that Arshavin is a goalscorer, although “he plays too much of his football in a wide position… He’s not gonna score out on the touchline.”

The half time discussion on Arsenal’s striking problems can be seen here.


In a second video from the same broadcast, a collection of all the wonderful saves made by Greek keeper Antonios Nikopolidis during the match were pulled together.

Nikopolidis’ saves against Arsenal can be seen here.