Victor Valdes on media portrayal of Barça: ‘It’s like when we were accused of doping, we’ll stick together’

Barcelona are top of the La Liga table, and still in good health in the other two major competitions (Copa del Rey and Champions League); but if you were to read the Spanish press you’d struggle to believe it.

Between exaggerated reports of Messi dependence and the lack of squad depth, there’s been a disproportionate level of criticism leveled at the league leaders, and many within the Barcelona camp are beginning to feel there’s a media campaign set against them.

Goalkeeper and one of the club captains, Victor Valdes spoke out on the situation today with a cri de coeur, explaining that it’s not the first time this has occurred, citing the doping accusations of recent years, and insisting that the players just need to ignore it and stick together.

Watch Valdes’ impassioned presser below.