Victor Valdes commits a disgraceful foul on Dame N’Doye (FC Copenhagen-Barcelona)

It is almost impossible to watch this video without recalling one of the most famous incidents in football history – Harold Schumacher’s assault on Patrick Battiston in the 1982 World Cup semi-final.

The similarity comes not only due to the nature of the two tackles but as incredibly Victor Valdes did not receive even a yellow card for his assault on FC Copenhagen striker Dame N’Doye.

Eleven minutes into the Champions League group match last night, a long ball was played forward to N’Doye who looked to have got the edge on Carles Puyol only for Valdes to come slamming in with his knee to the striker’s face.

Undoubtedly one of the worst fouls in recent memory and Valdes is a lucky chappy that N’Doye, after a couple of minutes of treatment, was able to continue playing. The Barcelona keeper did though struggle for Copenhagen’s equaliser just after Lionel Messi’s opener.

Victor Valdes’ assault on Dame N’Doye can be seen on this video.

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