Vicarious Football Accounts Sarah Moyes, @AVB and @RVP rally around each other over Twitter trolls

Ah Twitter.

Ashley Van Buren, Ravi Visvesvara Prasad, and now Sarah Moyes, are the unfortunate owners of Twitter handles that bear the same initials or names as those of famous football personages.

Namely, if you haven’t sussed it yet: they are living the vicarious digital lives of Andre Villas Boas, David Moyes, and Robin van Persie.

Sarah Moyes, a Scottish young woman working in PR and marketing, is now taking troll abuse in the place of David Moyes, and has lamented this on her timeline.

And, hilariously, van Bursen and Visvesvara Prasad came to her aid to console their fellow vicarious football account.

Great to see such solidarity: can we expect to see a support group, ‘The Vicarious Famous Football Accounts Against Twitter Trolls?’

Jokes aside, it must be pretty damn annoying for these innocent civilians to have to put up with this bullshit.

Oh, and what kind of oxygen thief genuinely believes David Moyes is on Twitter, posing as a woman?!!?!?!