Vasco fan threatens to jump from the roof after seeing his side get relegated

The close of the Brazilian Championship brought about a sad end to Vasco da Gama’s 110-year top flight status. as the powerhouse were relegated into the second division.

Finding it all too much to handle, one fan reacted in the most serious and crazy fashion, by mounting the top of the roof, leaning over the edge, and threatening to end his personal misery there and then.

As the situation quickly intensified, the fan swung one leg over the edge, with the fans below vacating his would-be drop-zone, all starring upwards to see how the crisis would be resolved.

With the security forces closing in on the attempted suicide, and a helicopter circling overhead, the fan moved into an even more precarious position with his non-hanging leg and hands gripping onto the side of the roof, as his body went over the edge. A stand-off, with the police pointing their guns at the fan, quickly unravelled before the authorities homed in on the fan, inching ever closer, before they grabbed him and dragged him back onto the roof.

With the cameras rolling, the home fans erupted into celebration as the witnessed the safe ending to the dramatic events.

See how the attempted suicide unfolded here.

(Credit to DeadSpin)