Dance FAIL: Valencia’s Adil Rami got blisters doing Gangnam Style, missed game v Espanyol

When Gangnam Attacks!

Adil Rami attended a charity concert in Lille on the 8th of April organised by former teammate Rio Mavuba.

Called up onto the stage, Rami was inevitably coerced into doing an impromptu Gangnam Style dance for the people.

What’s the worst that could happen, right?

Except that on his return to Valencia, it turned out that he couldn’t train after blisters appearing on his feet owing to the Korean dance craze. Which is the real reason he missed Valencia’s 3-3 draw away at Espanyol on the 13th of April.

Los Che supporters are so disgraced with Rami’s negligence that they’ve demanded the suspension of his salary until his return!

The real scandal here though, is seeing someone doing Gangnam Style in 2013.

Watch Adil Rami’s blister-inducing Gangnam Style dance below.

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