Valencia coach Miroslav Djukic stars in poignant rallying call to fans, recalling building site days

Amidst a climate of pessimism due to the mouting debt and the exodus of their star player Soldado, Valencia have launched a rallying call to Los Che socios, in which manager Miroslav Djukic stars as a JCB operator, recalling his humble upbringing in the former Yugoslavia.

The video has been a roaring success and has produced a huge increase in Mestalla season tickets for this season.

Below is the transcript of the inspirational and poignant video.

‘I was born in Chabas, a village in the former Yugoslavia, in 1966. I come from a humble, working-class family. When I was 20, I didn’t know what my future would be, nor that of my family.

For a long time, I manned a JCB like this one. I woke up early, and worked hard every day to help my family, just like you do.

I know these are hard times; I know some of you don’t have the opportunity to make a living in a worthy job.

Though life has smiled on me, and today I’m living a dream, I understand what you are all going through. 

I know the sacrifice you make to come and support the team at the Mestalla. That’s why I promise you that this sacrifice will be worth it, and we won’t let you down.

I can’t promise titles, but I can promise that we’re going to fight for them; that we’re going to leave our souls in every training session, in every game, so that you can be proud of your team.

(Translation by Paul Morrissey)

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