USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann on Germany: ‘We’ll play to win, it’s not in our DNA to play for a draw’ [Video]

The final matchday of World Cup Group G presents Germany with a chance to repeat their ‘Anchluss’ with Austria in 1982, in which both sides played out the 1-0 German win that suited them both.

In this case, a draw will do for both the US and Germany to ensure qualification, but USMNT coach Klinsmann doesn’t want to hear any talk of back-handed agreements – they’ll be playing all out for the win, he says.

‘It’s not in the US DNA to go out and play for a draw, nor is it in the German DNA, we’ll both be playing to win.’

Otherwise, Klinsmann said he’s looking forward to being reunited with his former German players (Lahm, Schweinsteiger etc.), but that ‘business is business’.

The US coach also confirmed that Sunderland striker Jozy Altidrore won’t make the game, but will be ready for a possible last 16.