US president Barack Obama compares himself to Lionel Messi

Dragging himself away from meetings with congressional leaders on Monday, US president Barack Obama received and paid homage to MLS champions Colorado Rapids at the White House.

The Rapids arrived in matching gray suits along with their coaches and owner Stan Kroenke, who is also the majority shareholder at Arsenal.

Obama talked of how he is a “Soccer Dad” and congratulated the Colorado Rapids on winning the MLS Cup: “I have watched my share of games over the years.”

The world’s most powerful man was handed a number 10 Colorado Rapids shirt and told that the leader of the team usually wears this number to which Obama replied: “That is me and Messi. We’re right up there.”

Footage of Obama comparing himself to Lionel Messi is on this video.

A longer video of Obama with the Colorado Rapids at the White House is here.