Uruguay’s President calls FIFA ‘motherf*ckers’ in relation to the ban of Liverpool’s Luis Suarez [Video]

Uruguayan President José Mujica is not the average world leader.

The 79-year-old head of the small South American nation is generally known as the poorest world leader on the planet as Mujica governs his country from his small farm house outside Montevideo.

A maverick, who looks as lovable as everyone’s favourite grandpa, Mujica has now shown he has a filthy potty mouth too.

Mujica has been vocal in his defence of LIverpool striker Luis Suarez after he was expelled from the World Cup and slapped with a four month ban for biting, and overnight on Sunday, Uruguayan TV broadcasted the President calling FIFA ‘a bunch of mutherfuckers’.

Mujica said “FIFA are a bunch of old mutherfuckers. They could have issued a punishment [to Suarez], but not such fascist sanctions.”

Watch the footage below defending Liverpool’s Luis Suarez below.