Uruguayan FA set to tell FIFA the bite marks on Chiellini were a bad Photoshop [Sport]

It was one of the images that started doing the rounds after Luis Suarez allegedly bit Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay’s 1-0 win over Italy.

A picture of Giorgio Chiellini’s shoulder with bite marks from Luis Suarez’s teeth.

Since the referee did not see the Suarez-Chiellini incident and as a result handed out no punishment on the pitch, football’s world governing body are to looking closer into it.

See: FIFA open disciplinary proceedings against Luis Suarez for biting Giorgio Chiellini.

Spanish newspaper Sport has revealed on Wednesday morning (European time) that the Uruguay FA will argue that the Chiellini shoulder picture is simply a photoshop and Suarez did not bite Chiellini.

Uruguay have until 5pm Brasilia time to submit their evidence in favour of Luis Suarez…

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