Uruguayan football is suspended for 10 days as Nacional’s keeper punches a copper in the chops

Football is on a 10-day hiatus in Uruguay after last week’s derby between Nacional and Penarol turned nasty.

UFA president Sebastian Bauza announced, “We have agreed [with the Interior ministry] that we have to take decisions and send out signals that there are limits that must be respected. The acts that occurred outside and inside the Centenario stadium must not be repeated.”

Last Thursday night Nacional hosted Penarol in the domestic cup, locally know as the Copa Bimbo.

Penarol won the match 1-0, however their victory was tarnished by a series of violent acts surrounding the game.

The most depressing scenes of violence happened outside Nacional’s Centenario stadium, where fans of the rival clubs became embroiled in a shootout in the streets surround the ground.

Inside the stadium, violence spilled out moments after the referee blew the final whistle.

Furious at the fact they’d lost the match and angling their anger at the man in black, Nacional’s players surrounded the referee at the game’s conclusion. Riot police then stepped in to make sure no harm came to the match officials, however that provoked Nacional’s Jorge Bava who mentally punched a copper in the face in the full glare on TV cameras.

According to local reports, after a Uruguayan judge who had been watching the game at home complained about Bava’s assualt, the goalie was arrested and locked up in a cell overnight. Bava was released on Thursday after publicly apologising to the policeman, but the custodian faces possible assault charges and is currently not allowed to leave the country without permission.

Footage of Bava’s assault on the copper, and clips of the goalie handcuffed by police can be seen below.