Unlock The Game: Brilliant new Adidas ad featuring Suarez, Mata, Ramsey & Baines

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”In a season as tight as this where margins between glory and disaster are smaller than ever, dreams can be realised or crushed in the blink of an eye. It falls to the players who take fate into their own hands to Unlock the Game and deliver when it matters most.

The key lies in threading the pass that nobody else saw, finding the extra yard of pace to beat your man and creating something from nothing from a set-piece.”

That’s the message behind Adidas’ brilliant new advert, which features Luis Suarez, Leighton Baines, Juan Mata, Aaron Ramsey, and Luke Shaw, all of whom are show visualizing how they’re going to ‘unlock the game’, and psyching themselves up for the season’s final push.

Worth noting Suarez’s impressive screen presence; that look in the mirror…

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