Underhanded tickle gets a big, fat slap: Noh Alam Shah (Arema Malang) vs FX Yanuar (Persela Lamongan)

To be fair to FX Yanuar, the footballer with one of the best names ever, most men would likely have reacted in the same way had they experienced the same type of situation.

Last week in the Indonesian Super League the match between Arema Malang and Persela Lamongan descended into violence after legendary Singaporean forward Noh Alam Shah (pictured) grabbed defender FX Yanuar by the testicles, and in turn the striker received a fat lip for his underhanded grab.

The incident was sparked after Shah, known for his quick temper, felt himself aggrieved after a coming together with Yanuar. With the red mist clouding his judgment, Shah decided to react by walking up behind his opponent and grabbing him by the manhood in an extreme low blow. Instinctively Yanuar reacted by swinging an elbow, and after connecting the referee had little option but to send both parties off.

Footage of the incident can be seen here.