Under-pressure Tim Sherwood: Aston Villa fans will be singing my name four weeks from now (Video)

tim sherwood presser, oct 2015

Tim Sherwood’s press conference this morning could leave football fans with one of two possible conclusions. Either he’s got a deluded sense of confidence or the under-pressure Aston Villa boss is beginning to crack.

We’re leaning toward the latter. Sherwood looked a bit demented when he faced the media on Friday.

His eyes were red and slightly moist looking, liable to explode at any minute. While his smile didn’t look as cocksure as usual, instead looking slightly more manic and, frankly, loopy.

But that’s what football management will do to people.

For all Sherwood couldn’t do with his appearance, he made up for with soundbites. He called Alan Pardew an inspiration and said that Villa fans would be singing his name in four weeks, just as they were four weeks ago. When they threw away a two goals lead at Leicester. Okay then.

Villa are away at Chelsea this weekend. See Sherwood’s presser below.