Unbelievable Tekkers! Nikole Valjka’s sensational corner-volley-golazo (Podravina Ludbreg) v Medimurje

Last weekend Spanish forward Lucas Perez Martinez had the world at his feet after scoring one of the great corner-volley-golazos for Karpaty Lviv. Seven days later that mantle has been incredibly snatched by little known Croatian midfielder Nikole Valjka.

Setting the scene, a massive match took place in Croatia’s 3. HNL division on Saturday as league leaders Medimurje played host to second-placed Podravina Ludbreg in a contest that could go a long way to determining who’ll win the league this season.

In the end a single goal prove decisive: but it was a goal worthy of winning any match of football.

With nine minutes remaining Podravina won a corner. The delivery looked somewhat wayward as a floated cross was angled towards the far top corner of the Medimurje box, but that only served to encourage Nikole Valjka to join the action from his deep-lying position.

Busting a lung to meet the cross on the volley, Valjka proceeded to lace an unbelievable full-bloodied shot that torpedoed into the top corner.

Podravina held on to claim the three points, and Valjka’s wonder-strike propelled his team to the summit of the Croatian third tier.

Sit back & enjoy the action!

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