Unacceptable Video: Everton fans hurl coins at Liverpool’s Luis Suarez

It is never acceptable for fans to throw coins at football matches.

The closing stages of the Merseyside derby saw a horrible moment, as Liverpool striker Luis Suarez picked up a coin from the Goodison turf which had been aimed in his direction.

It goes without saying that Suarez is portrayed as a cartoon villain for most non-Liverpool supporters. Whether it be his litany of diving crimes, or trolling antics like the one he pulled in front of David Moyes on Sunday, Suarez rubs people up the wrong way. That, though, is no reason to justify fans throwing coins from the stands.

As to the incident, after Suarez won a Liverpool corner in the 82nd minute the Uruguayan forward noticed a coin on the grass. Suarez picked it up, held it high for the referee to see, and then slipped it into his boot as if to turn the object into some sort of souvenir.

We wait to see if the FA will punish Everton for their supporters’ behaviour.

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Below the fold you can see two of Luis Saurez’s darker moments of the Merseyside derby as the striker stamped on Kevin Miralles and Slyvain Distin.