Ukrainian football legend Andriy Shevchenko makes his professional golf debut at the Kharkov Superior Cup

Cynics might spin the next story by saying Andriy Shevchenko quit football to become a politician, but now that professional choice has failed he’s trying his luck at being a professional golfer.

36-year-old Andriy Shevchenko, the former European Footballer of the Year, will make his debut on golf’s Challenge Tour on Thursday at the Kharkov Superior Cup in the Ukraine.

The ex-AC Milan and Chelsea striker has been given a special invitation for the event, and he has told reporters:

This is the first big event for me and of course it is the first event in Ukraine so it’s a huge event for golf in this country. I have played with many good players in pro-ams but this is different. I hope I play well…but I just want to have a good time and enjoy the week.

It’s quite different to football alright. I started to play golf to escape from the pressure from football.

I come on to a golf course and turn off my phone and just walk the course and hit some balls. It’s one of the reasons why I started to play. I just found this great game where you have to be focused and balanced and that’s why I like it. I like that mental balance.

Footage of Andriy Shevchenko practicising for the event and speaking to local reporters can be seen below.


Andriy Shevchenko