UFC TKO: Bruno Perone (Icasa) shocking, cowardly kick to the head hospitalises Jheimy (Oeste)

What a dirty coward Bruno Perone is.

The Brazilian defender of Serie B side Icasa, who en passant played one game for QPR in 2011-12, left his opponent Jheimy hospitalised after a sickening and cowardly kick to the head.

Cowardly because the only honest way to go in for such a ball is with the head, going in with the leg at this height can only be done with intent to harm.

The give away was Perone’s reaction: when he got up following the attack, he attempted to carry on as if nothing had happened, not even looking around to see if Jheimy was OK.

Perone was red carded (and one would hope will surely be given a lengthy ban), and Jheimy was rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

The picture to the left shows the damage done, though thankfully for Jheimy it wasn’t any worse and he is recovering.

Watch Bruno Perone’s filthy, cowardly attack on Oeste’s Jheimy on the clip below.

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