UEFA president Michel Platini: ‘I don’t back Sepp Blatter, but I won’t stand for FIFA presidency’ [Video]

UEFA president Michel Platini surprised a few people on Thursday when the Frenchman announced he won’t be challenging Sepp Blatter for the FIFA presidency.

Platini’s decision was far from a ringing endorsement over Blatter, but rather a tactically move in which Platini continued to give himself room to jab away at the Swiss crony from the sidelines.

Plantini told reports in Monaco, on the day of the Champions League draw:

What matters here is not me or my feelings.

What matters is the future of Uefa, and of football. Uefa and European football have never been as strong and powerful as they are today and I have every intention of guarding this supremacy.

We all want a more transparent Fifa that functions better, and above all we want more solidarity, and we would like Fifa to be more respected by football lovers. 

Now is not my time, not yet. I hope that somebody will oppose Mr. Blatter and nobody will oppose me for UEFA.

No, my choice was not based on who was running. I can’t be accused of being afraid of Mr. Blatter.