Two golazos you’ve gotta see: Albert van der Haar (FC Zwolle) & Rodrigo (Madureira)

Something bizarre happened over the last two as two mega-massive lobs crashed into nets to provide us with two stunning golazos.

Starting in the Dutch second division on Friday night, FC Zwolle midfielder Albert van der Haar managed to beat the Almere City goalie from fully 45-yards to notch the second goal in a 3-nil away win. And the strike was pure perfection.

Picking up possession in the centre-circle just past the halfway-line, Van der Haar took just one touch to control the ball, and just one touch to shift it slightly forwards before he whacked an amazing shot straight on target. So good was his effort that the ball struck the underside of the bar before dropping in the net.

Watch Albert van der Haar’s wonder-strike.

But amazingly that wasn’t even the longest lob over the past few days. That honour was reserved for little known Madureira midfielder Rodrigo with his Beckham-esque beauty against Nova Iguacu in the Brazilian Carioca tournament on Thursday.

After robbing an opponent of possession in his own half, Rodrigo advanced to a couple of feet behind the halfway line before releasing his effort on goal that majestically sailed over the keeper.

Rodrigo’s 60-yard lob can be seen here.