Two-faced Sony turns it’s back on football in their latest ad

Sony, the Champions League sponsor, has recently released a new advert Stateside in which football takes centre stage as the butt of the joke as Sony look to grow their brand.

Without blowing anything out of proportion, it’s only a TV ad, but the idea that Sony feel that Americans will connect with soccer being ridiculed is a point worth noting. We hear so much about how hard the MLS are working to improve soccer’s reputation in America, but this ad suggests that soccer is still considered very much a second class sport in the US.

Adding to the confusion of Sony’s two-faced approach to football is the news that Sony Ericsson will become the “Official Mobile Phone Handset” of the 2010 FIFA World Cup. According to Lennard Hoornik, Corporate Vice President and Head of Global Marketing: “At Sony Ericsson we feel we are uniquely placed to be a champion of football fans worldwide, using the marketing and promotional rights this agreement grants us to make Sony Ericsson handsets and accessories an integral part of the fan experience. Our role in football will be to use our sponsorship to innovate the experience of fans and give them greater access to football.”

So which one is it, do Sony love football or laugh at it?

The Sony ad can be seen here.

(Credit to EPL Talk.)

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