Two explanations of why Borussia Dortmund fans threw bananas at Manuel Neuer

It was one of the images of the season – Bayern Munich keeper Manuel Neuer pelted with bananas by Borussia Dortmund fans, on coming out for the second half of the big Bundesliga match on Wednesday.

There have been various explanations for why Neuer was pelted with bananas.

Brooks Peck at Dirty Tackle says “Neuer’s banana storm was apparently a call back to when Dortmund fans used to give the same treatment to former Bayern keeper Oliver Kahn, who was nicknamed ‘Apeman'”.

Meanwhile in the comments section of the video below, we are indebted to Jamie for another explanation. “The Bundesliga trophy is referred to as the ‘bowl’, which in German is close to the word for banana, meaning the Dortmund fans are saying that that is the only way he is going to win the Bundesliga ‘bowl’.”

Neuer, of course, joined Bayern from Schalke, who are Borussia Dortmund’s great local rivals.

Footage of Borussia Dortmund fans throwing bananas at Manuel Neuer is here.