Twitter Beef: Cissé calls Montpellier Prez an ‘idiot’ for dismissing him as ‘a DJ’

Djibril ‘DJ Djib’ Cisse may find it hard to find a club this summer, as it seems his reputation for leading a hectic off field jet-setting life has superseded his image as a footballer.
With a return to France looking on the cards since he became  free agent last week, any chance of that happening with Montpellier has broken down after Montpellier’s madcap president Louis ‘Loulou’ Nicollin publically dismissed him as ‘a guy who DJs in bars’.

Cisse hit back on Twitter: “What a pity it won’t happen with Montepellier, great club and beautiful city, with an idiot for a President who allows himself badmouth whoever he wants when he wants’.

To make clear he felt no malice towards Montpellier as a club, he then tweeted, ‘I feel sorry for the Montpellier fans, to have a fool for a president can’t be easy every day.’

QPR, Sunderland, and Liverpool fans will probably think Loulou has a point to be fair.

Your round, Loulou…