Tunnel Cam: Manchester City 2 – Chelsea 0

Tunnel Cam, produced by the Manchester City YouTube channel, is always a good watch.

And so it proved after the 2-0 win over Chelsea in the FA Cup on Saturday.

Among the highlights include Chelsea arriving at the Etihad, led by Jose Mourinho and popular physio Eva Carneiro.

And, before the match, there were plenty of friends between both sides. E.g. Javi Garcia and Ramires (ex-Benfica team mates) as well as plenty of Spaniards for both Manchester City and Chelsea.

Plus we get to see Jose Mourinho at half-time, with Chelsea 1-0 down and Micah Richards and Ashley Cole sharing a joke at the break.

Full time is a bit calmer than the rest of the video but we do hear a loud “Get in there!” signalling someone at Manchester City was very happy to beat Chelsea after two Premier League defeats this season.