Tunisian keeper Nadim Thabet (Olympique Beja) escapes a crazy out-of-play FAIL vs Kairouan

Last weekend in the Tunisian top flight, Olympique Beja travelled to Kairouan in a 1-1 draw. The result was only secondary however, as the match witnessed a truly bizarre event as visiting keeper Nadim Thabet committed a cardinal footballing sin of not playing until the whistle.

With the hosts on the attack, a pass was pinged to the right hand side which appeared to too strongly hit for the Kairouan winger to keep in play. Against the odds, however, the Kairouan wide-man managed to hook the ball from crossing the line and as a result a golden opportunity for the green-and-whites to score was well and truly on.

Instead of protecting his goalmouth though, keeper Thabet assumed that the ball had ran out of play and accordingly the goalie ran behind his net to collect a new ball with which to restart the play from a ball boy.

Cue the mayhem, as with the keeper nowhere to be seen it was left to a couple of Beja defenders to defend their goal in an insane piece of action.

Nadim Thabet’s unbelievably bad out-of-play FAIL can be seen here.


Staying with the topic of FAILS, attention should be shone on Cruzeiro’s Walter Montillo for his miserable effort at trying to pull off the Paneka penalty against Atletico Mineiro last weekend in Brazil.

The footage can be seen here.