Tubby Ronaldo admits he’s fat

This is a post to make everyone feel better for overeating over the Christmas weekend.

Having been out of action for nearly 10 months, a tubby Ronaldo completed his first day of ball-training at new club Corinthians, with the super-sized striker hoping to return to action early in the New Year.

The pictures failed to convince anyone however that Ronaldo is closing-in on match-fitness. Looking chunky and slow, with his man-boobs and belly out for all to see, Ronaldo was put through a series a light drills as his new employers tested the strength of Brazilian’s damaged knee. On the bright side, Ronaldo was said to have come through the exercises without distress.

But with his knee on the mend, Ronaldo’s weight is the obvious problem at present. The striker admitted as much commenting “I think I will lose five or six kilograms during pre-season. People exaggerate as soon as they see some difference in the size of the body. I am overweight, but it’s quite natural. It is the result of a long time of inactivity and I am just back in training.”

Footage of Ronaldo’s training session can be seen here.