Tsunami survivor Martunis hangs out with his hero Cristiano Ronaldo at Portugal training (Video)

Back in July Sporting CP unveiled a new player: 17-year-old Indonesian Martunis.

The life story of Sporting’s new signing is simply incredible and his progression in Portugal’s top flight will be followed with huge interest.

As an eight-year-old boy, Martunis was found alive, stranded on a swampy area of beach, a full 21 days after a giant tsunami hit and devastated Aceh in Indonesia, in December 2004.

The tsunami killed over 230,000 people in 14 countries bordering on the Indian Ocean.

Aceh was one of the worst hit places with 170,000 people killed, including Martunis’ mother and two sisters.

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Martunis was swept away by the tsunami and somehow survived for 18 days on his own. He ate food such as pot noodles that had also been swept out to sea.

After 21 days the food had run out and Martunis was found and delivered to a Sky News journalist.

Besides his incredible story of survival, Martunis also hit the headlines in Portugal as he was wearing a number 10 Portugal Rui Costa shirt during this whole ordeal.

His story won over the hearts of many in Portugal, including Cristiano Ronaldo. The then Manchester United star paid for the house where Martunis grew up to be rebuilt for his family following the devastating Tsunami.

Cristiano Ronaldo has since met Martunis on a handful of occasions, and on Tuesday to duo met up again at Portugal’s training.

Watch video released from Portugal’s national team on YouTube showing Ronaldo hanging out with tsunami survivor Martunis.

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