Trouble in Europe: Paris and Athens hit by the hooligans

The final round of the UEFA Cup group stages offered hooligans across Europe a chance to travel abroad and wreck havoc in their host cities. The two cities which suffered were Paris and Berlin.

In the French capital there were reports of hundreds of FC Twente supporters clashing with a small group PSG fans, forcing riot police to intervene in the city centre. Once at the scene, the riot police faced an angry mob of Dutch fans, who took out threw aggression of the law enforcers throwing fireworks and other objects.

Eye-witness footage of the stand-off between the Twente fans and Paris police can be seen here.

In Athens there were also scenes of violence as Greek fans clashed with the visiting Germans. Amateur footage captured a fans of both teams facing off before the away fans managed to trap the Hertha fans in an alleyway, the Olympiakos fans slamming shuts metal gates before each side began hurling missiles at each other.

The amateur footage can be seen here.