Tromso fan pulls on Arsenal shirt at White Hart Lane, she’s instantly labelled a legendary Gooner!

It may have been one of the most insignificant matches of the whole season as Spurs played in second gear and beat Tromso 3-0 on Thursday night, but still the rivalry with Arsenal wasn’t far away.

An eagle eyed snapper managed to bag a picture of a Tromso fan pulling on a new Arsenal shirt at Tottenham’s White Hart Lane ground during the Europa League group match.

Said picture started doing the rounds on social networks (it can’t have hurt that the Tromso/Arsenal supporter was a blonde female) and Gooners the world over described her as a legend (see Tweet below).

Meanwhile Spurs fans will likely note that despite having lost at the Emirates a few weeks ago and with Arsenal riding high with 10 successive away wins, they are still obsessed by their north London rivals.