Transfer Madness! Monaco sign Porto’s James Rodriguez & João Moutinho for €70 million

Acuerdo con el FC Porto de Moutinho y Rodríguez…



In the middle of all the heated debate surrounding Monaco’s legitimacy to play in Ligue 1 next season due to the special fiscal regime in the Principality, newly-promoted Monaco have gone and pulled off the mega double signing of Porto’s James Rodriguez and João Moutinho.

The official story is that €45 million was paid for Rodriguez, with the remaining €25 going on Moutinho, but rumours are now emerging that €69 million was actually paid for Rodriguez, with only €1 million on Moutinho, in order for Porto to avoid paying Sporting Moutinho’s sell-on fee.

Whatever the individual fees, its a confirmed done deal. And the transfer window is off with a bang!

Watch both James Rodriguez and João Moutinho’s 2012/13 season highlights on the clips below.