TRAGIC: Paraguayan footballer Salvador Cabañas who was shot in the head in 2010 now sells bread to survive

A tragic story is being told in South America this week after the fate of former Paraguayan international Salvador Cabañas was revealed in the media.

In January 2010, Cabañas, then 29 and in the prime of his career, was enjoying a day off from training with Club America in Mexico City when he became involved in an argument with an alleged drugs lord “JJ” Balderas.

The argument quickly spiralled out of control, and horrifically Cabañas was taken into the toilets of a bar and and left for dead as the drug lord shot him in the head.

Against the odds Cabañas survived the shooting, although doctors could not safely remove the bullet from his head. The bullet remains lodged in his head to this day.

Fast forward to the present, and Cabañas’ life is still ruined as in the years following his shooting his lost his wife, his kids, his money, his profession and, one suspects, his self worth.

Cabañas is now working in his family bakery to survive, and the ex-Paraguayan striker has spoken to local media about his sad story about he lost everything.

The excellent website report the English translation of Cabañas’ quotes to the AFP:

We distribute the bread around Itaguá, Ypacarai, San Bernardino (outside the capital). I like the work. People recognize me and ask me…about football of course. I tell them that I am happy.  

When it happened (the gunshot wound) I had signed a pre-contract in the amount of $1,700,000 for a transfer to Europe. They told me that my destination would be Manchester United. América held on to me. They gave me an apartment in Acapulco and another in Cancun. My salary was doubled…

Now, well, here I am, trying to recover. I have great faith despite losing everything.

Footage of Salvador Cabañas in his prime can be seen below.