Trabzonspor have a dance-off on the pitch

Usually we see stupid celebrations in the immediate aftermath of a goal being scored. But on Saturday in Turkey, Trabzonspor took things to a new level as members of the squad had a dance-off in front of their fans after winning 2-nil away at Ankaraspor.

A face familiar to fans of the Premier League was at the heart of the action, 50-year-old Rigobert Song lead the way taking the first dance solo and showing that despite being ancient he still has the moves. Strangely though, the Cameroonian seemed to base his dance on an interpretation of the Scottish jig.

With the team all gathering round Song and clapping him on, Brazilian Alanzinho decided to steal the spotlight showing off his nimble feet in a poor tap-dance take-off.

Nigerian Promise Isaac then jumped into the fold, joined by Senegalese goalkeeper Tony Slyva, who both performed what looked like a rain-dance particular to their individual African roots.

Interestingly, none of their Turkish teammates stepped up to the plate.

The Trabzonspor dance-off can be seen here.