Tottenham’s Lewis Holtby caught playing away, cheats on model girlfriend with air hostess [Sun & Bild]

Not Lewis Holtby! He seems like one of the nice guys!

The Sunday Sun reported that Lewis Holtby has been playing away from his Danish model girlfriend Anne Charlotte (pictured below).

Holtby told The Sunday Sun: I made a big mistake. The first big mistake of my life. I can not look in the mirror. I have never cheated. ”

The air hostess has been pretty forthcoming about the affair, saying she exchanged text messages with the Spurs midfielder on loan at Fulham.

He then sent pictures of his body and penis, said air hostess told The Sunday Sun: “He was certainly not shy.”

Then came a one-night stand and the stewardess said Holtby’s girlfriend “deserved to know the truth about her boyfriend. If he is cheating on her with me, he will do it again.”

Holtby’s representative Marcus Noack told BILD: “Lewis is very depressed, he’s really upset about the story. He regrets it deeply.”

The 23-year-old midfielder, universally liked at both Tottenham and Fulham, played the final 35 minutes of the Cottagers 5-0 mauling at Manchester City on Saturday.


Lewis Holtby