Tottenham’s Kyle Walker Tweets during Man City rout of West Ham: “Football lesson at the Etihad”

Sometimes you have to wonder about what goes on in the head of professional footballers.

Of all the Premier League players to Tweet during Manchester City’s rout of West Ham, Spurs full back Kyle Walker should have been just about the last.

To recap, Tottenham were themselves beaten 6-0 by Manchester City at the Etihad in November.

Just as West Ham were given a “football lesson” last night, Walker played and suffered at the Etihad.

And, incredibly, despite their woeful form this season that sees them in the relegation zone, West Ham have beaten Tottenham TWICE!

Both games were at White Hart Lane.

With big talk like this, Kyle Walker will have to back up his big mouth when Spurs play Manchester City (January 29, 2014) and West Ham (May 3, 2014) later this season.