Tottenham winger Aaron Lennon Tweets denial of fight with Arsenal forward Theo Walcott in Vegas

It was one of the most outlandish and intriguing rumours to start up this summer but it has been quashed almost as quickly as it got off the ground.

Allegedly, Arsenal forward Theo Walcott head butted Spurs winger Aaron Lennon in a nightclub in Las Vegas.

See: The Tweets: Theo Walcott (Arsenal) headbutted Aaron Lennon (Spurs) in Hakkasan, Las Vegas [Rumour].

It all seemed so unlikely, but in a summer without much football this was a way for Tottenham and Arsenal fans to partake in some “banter” during the off season.

Alas, it has all been quashed by one Tweet from Aaron Lennon.

The Spurs wideman wasn’t even in Las Vegas! Although he was in early June.

And, considering Theo Walcott just got married in Italy, it is safe to say the Arsenal forward probably has better things to do right now!

Aaron Lennon’s Tweet, posted early on Thursday morning, is below.