Totally Unacceptable: Turkish police use pepper spray on 14-year-old footballers

The next video is horrific, shocking and totally unacceptable.

Footage from an under-14s match in Turkey has been released online after it recorded local police using use pepper spray against teenage footballers.

Bursa Yolspor took on İkitellispor in an U14 Championship qualifier earlier in the week, and a thrilling contest went to extra time after a 1-1 draw in regulation time.

Eventually Bursa Yolspor moved 3-1 up in extra time, at which points a group of İkitellispor players lost their composure as they harassed the referee over the legitimacy of that goal.

As the chaos began to unravel, the ref fanned the flames by flashing red cards to two İkitellispor boys after they took their protests too far. That, in turn, only sought the rial the remaining İkitellispor players even more, at which point their coach entered the pitch where he amazingly slapped one of his unruly players across the head.

According to reports, Bursa Yolspor went on to win the match, however the scoreline faded into the background at the fulltime whistle as all hell broke loose.

As players and coaches were getting het up on the pitch after the game, one policeman took the incident to a whole new level as he pepper sprayed 14-year-old footballer for no good reason. It was shocking.

On seeing the assault, players and adults turned on the security forces, and according to reports more pepper spray was then used by the heavy-handed police.

The result was stomach-turning. The young İkitellispor boys needed hospital treatment to deal with their burning eyes, and one İkitellispor member made sure to video record the harrowing events at the hospital as a charge was filed against the police officers by the football club.

Watch the horrific footage of  Turkish police using pepper spray on a 14-year-old footballers below.