Tot-tastic: Real Madrid & Chelsea both have an eye on the “new Zidane” (video)

Six-years-old and the world is at his feet.

A report in this morning’s Sun newspaper highlighted the remarkable skills of young Madin Mohammed, linking both Real Madrid and Chelsea with a mooted move to the tiny tot. And the hype has not stopped there, with Mohammed faced with reaching the highest yardstick possible, labelled the “next Zidane” by the French media.

The comparisons with Zinedine Zidane are more than just football related. Arriving in France from Algeria, Mohammed’s family background mirrors that of not only Zidance, but also a raft of former North Africans now playing their football under the Tricolour including Hatem Ben Afra, Karim Benzema and Samir Nasri. In this respect, Mohammed’s celebrity is the latest indicator to the ever-changing French demographic which has been affected by large immigration into the country.

With his talents so plain, Mohammed was signed up on a scolarship by the French football association at the age of three.

Christian Lazaoui, president of Roubaix, Madin’s local club, says: “He has an amazing talent. He plays every day and has a great passion for football. He can cross the ball, control it, swerve, pass between the legs – he is spectacular with the ball… he really is magic with it.”

Video evidence of Madin Mohammed can be seen here.


By way of contrast, new footage of a tiny Lionel Messi playing at 6-years-old can be seen here.