Top Spoofing: The FA rip-off Nike’s famous football ad (video)

Last summer Nike went all out in their “Take it to the Next Level” campaign in which the global sports manufacturer employed A-Listed British director Guy Ritchie to chronicle the career of a young professional footballer. Slick, clever camera angles, and making the viewer feel like the star at the centre of the advert, the campaign was a huge success.

Twelve months later and the Football Association have latched upon the tried and trusted advert to release their own spoof version under the slogan “Whatever Your Level.”

Adopting the same principles as the Nike commercial, the advert is shot exclusively from the viewpoint of the footballer as he goes from training, playing in matches, to socialising in the bar after a hard day’s play. However, instead of taking itself too seriously, the character at the heart of the ad is portrayed as being a regular Joe who has to deal with all the usual standard annoyances that trouble Sunday league footballers.

The FA have released a statement explaining their new ad.

“The FA are just kicking off a campaign to get people back into 11 a side football, as sadly the amount of teams registering each year is in decline… The film is a cheeky nod to the famous Nike Take It To The Next Level film, instead featuring real teams and what 11 a side football is really like, vomit & Vaseline included…”

The FA’s spoof viral ad can be seen here.

[The Offside]