Top 10 goals of week

Picking this week’s top goals of the week was no easy task. The last seven days have seen a host of wonder strikes, with goals flying in from free-kicks (goals 7 & 8), from miles out (goal 2 & 9) or as the result of some wonderful individual skill (goals 3 & 5).

As always, we encourage you to sit back and enjoy!

1. Branislav Fodrek (v Juventus, Aug. 26, 2008)

2. Alexander Alexandrov (v Maccabi Netanya, Aug. 27, 2008) (20 seconds into the video)

3. Danny Miguel Alves Gomes (v Manchester United, Aug. 29, 2008)

4. Ibrahim Afellay (v Utrecht, Aug. 30, 2008)

5. Antonio Di Natale (v Palermo, Aug. 30, 2008)

6. Jermain Defoe (v Everton, Aug. 30, 2008)

7. Afonso Alves (v Stoke, Aug. 30, 2008)

8. Marcos Senna (v Osasuna, Aug. 31, 2008)

9. Fernando Cavenaghi (v Lille, Aug. 31, 2008) (pictured)

10. Francesco Valiani (v AC Milan, Aug. 31, 2008)


Such is the quality of goals this week, that some strikes that usually would have made our top goals list are this week relegated to the second-rate group. These goals include the following:

Zoran Tosic, Tom Newey & Carlos Villanueva (first 2 goals), Clinton Morrision, Diego Forlan, Yuri Zhirkov, Miram Sulejmani, Amr Zaki, Pedro Mendes, Gogita Gogua and Yaniv Katan (3.40 minutes into the video).

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