Top 10 goals of the week: Vote & win a £25 FREE bet! (Ft. Wilshere, Ramsey, Zlatan, Cavani & Kasami)

In the nearly eight years of 101 Great Goals’ existence, we have never seen a week like this.

We kick off with a goal that emerged on the weekend and swept the internet – Steph Roche’s flick-flick keepy-uppy followed by a wonder volley.

Then its off to the Emirates for one of the all-time great team goals and an almost forgotten solo special from Aaron Ramsey.

Followed by a visit to Paris where Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Edinson Cavani attempt to outdo each other with simply brilliant goals.

The lower leagues in England continue the theme of outrageous goals thanks to the “Derry Pele” and Arron Davies. Before Tim Cahill weighs in with the quickest MLS goal of all time.

We can only end at Selhurst Park on Monday night where Pajtim Kasami and Steve Sidwell stunned the Eagles and perhaps themselves with ridiculous strikes.

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Without further ado, watch this week’s top 10 goals of the week & get voting (emailing)!

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