Toon Training Highlights: Shearer scores a brace, Owen nets one

“I said to the boys, ‘Where else would you get thousands of fans turning up to watch training when the team is third bottom?’ It’s unique and you have got to appreciate it, and the players loved it. It was a good workout and we all enjoyed it.” – Alan Shearer.

In a charm offensive that cemented his position as the local messiah, Alan Shearer opened up Newcastle’s training session yesterday at St. James’ Park, where a staggering 7,500 thousand fans (does no-one have a job in Newcastle?) turned up to watch the Magpies at work. And the throngs of fans were treated as Alan Shearer, taking part in a 5-a-side match, bagged a couple of goals in front of his adoring public.

Shearer’s first convinced onlookers that their former number 9 has lost none of his predatory goal-scoring nous. Claudio Cacapa hoofed a ball out of defence up the other end of the small pitch, with Super Al connecting with the faintest of headers to steer the ball in the net. Shearer celebrated with the outstretched arm salute that followed nearly every goal of his career.

Playing alongside Michael Owen (who bagged a late goal in the training match), Shearer continued to goal-hang throughout the remainder of the kick-around, capping his performance with a well-drilled second just before the game finished.

Highlights of Newcastle’s training sesssion can be seen here.