Toon-tastic: Gazza gives “black & white” Shearer his blessing (video)

2009 has been a difficult year already for Paul Gascoigne as the ex-footballer has publicly been fighting his personal demons in an effort to get back on the straight-and-narrow. But Gazza looks to be on the right path at the moment, with the former Newcastle man speaking coherently and sensibly about the appointment of Alan Shearer on Setanta Sports.

Gazza put himself in front of the cameras to challenge those who have suggested Shearer’s decision is a win-win situation.

Gazza: “People are saying he’s got nothing to lose at the end of the day because if they stay up he’s a hero, if they went down, it wasn’t his fault. I wouldn’t be thinking that way. Alan is the type of guy if the team did go down, he would take it on the chin. That’s the sort of man he is and he would say that to the players.”

The lovable Geordie then went on to talk in cliches, excitably muttering “Alan Shearer’s blood is black and white and he’ll be telling the players that as well.”

Paul Gascoigne’s interview with Setanta can be seen here.


A recent Sky News report into Shearer’s appointment, tracing the recent history of the Toon hotseat and contextualising Newcastle’s relegation battle, can be seen here.